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" Don't be satisfied with the stories given to you about who you are, write your own myth!" - Rumi

“Everybody acts out a myth, but very few people know what their myth is. And you should know what your myth is because it might be a tragedy and maybe you don't want it to be.”― Carl Jung

  Where is your happiness?  


The answer is in the story you tell yourself.

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About Satee Bhave Hall

SATEE BHAVE HALL | Mythotherapist

FOUNDER @ The Fool Method

Satee Bhave Hall- Satee Satori, is a lifelong student of happiness education.
She is a certified NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. 
A certified Hypnotherapist (ABH)
She is also a Shamanic Life Coach 
She has studied The Science Of Happiness at UC Berkeley.
( All certificates are attached below)



When a human being (unlike other animals on this planet) is born it immediately starts living with a story. They are first labelled as either girl or a boy, then they are given a race, country, community, religion, sometimes a cast, then a family and relationships and in just a few years a personality is created called ‘I’ to deal with all the stories that are presented to her or him. This 'I' is hypnotised into believing that the personality and all the stories attached to it are all real.

Then begins the never-ending struggle of dealing with these stories. The more complex the surroundings, the more difficult the stories. Inevitably there comes a time of chaos (short term or long term) of being utterly confused about dealing with the variety of stories that may contradict each other or be at war with each other.

So there are three questions.

  1. How to deal with the chaos and stress created by all these stories?

  2. How to create a new story that will create the life that you want?

  3. How to understand life beyond these stories?

It takes wisdom, practice, imagination and the understanding of the ecology of myth (how these complex story structures are created and how they work) to break the spell. The Fool Method, Mythotheatre Workshops and Mythotherapy will help you achieve that.

Along with the creative people, The Fool Method workshops are good for students and parents as well. Both students and parents are dealing with writing life stories. The Fool Method will help weave a beautiful story.

What is the knowledge base or inspiration behind The Fool Method? 

  • The Fool Method Workshops and Mythotherapy is based on Ecology Of Myth

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques 

  • Ecoliteracy, System’s Thinking 

  • Ancient Wisdom Tradition

  • The Fool Method takes inspirtation from many wise artists like Charles M. Schulz, Bill Watterson, Charlie Chaplin, jacques tati, Marx Brothers, Buster Keatonand and many others. 

  • The Fool Method is greatly influenced by the vision of the following thinkers. - Lao Tsu, Patanjali, J. Krishnamurti , Gregory Bateson, Carl Jung, Wei, Wu Wei, Fritjof Capra, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Sant Dnyaneshwar & Rumi

About Satee

A passion for MythoTheatre and MythoTherapy and for healing life stories has led Satee to create The Fool Method

The Fool Method courses are a creative, joyful, pleasant, healing and uplifting experience. They help you retreat, reflect and rejuvenate, both creatively and emotionally.

They open up a whole new world of possible answers to many of your questions about life.

Satee works with Mythotheatre and Mythotherapy.

Satee is interested in Applied Ecoliteracy towards individual happiness.

Her work is to help individuals to achieve their dreams!

You will learn to rewrite your life stories through a unique 'Fool Method Tarot'.

Her teaching techniques are fun, relaxing and interactive.

She considers Charles M. Schulz her guru in The Fool Method and Gregory Bateson's writings as her guide into Ecoliteracy.
To quote Bateson:

“It is as if the stuff of which we are made were totally transparent and therefore imperceptible and as if the only appearances of which we can be aware are cracks and planes of fracture in that transparent matrix. Dreams and percepts and stories are perhaps cracks and irregularities in the uniform and timeless matrix. Was this what Plotinus meant by an 'invisible and unchanging beauty which pervades all things'?” Gregory Bateson

Satee uses the demystification of our life stories as a stress healing technique.

She also writes ecoliterate stories for children and adults.

Satee's 'learning map' begins with J.Krishnamurti, Theatre, Jung, Campbell, Natyashastra, Gregory Bateson, Cybernetics, Charles M. Schulz, again Jung, Allen Watts, Tao, Shakespeare, Theatre, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, System's Thinking with Fritjof Capra, Ecoliteracy.

Before The Fool Method, Satee has worked as an NLP Practitioner, a screenwriter, a play-write, a story-writer and she has put up plays and has even acted in them.

Her play 'TU' based on Rumi's poems have won national and international acclaim.

Her film 'Vihir' and 'Girni' have been screened at many international festivals and have also won awards!


You can call me on WhatsApp Monday to Friday anytime between 10 to 7 UK time. 

+44 7877334204